SteriWipes - Virucidal Wipes: Kills Viruses and Bacteria - 160 Wipes
Model : HS-WIPES-160
CAD $19.95 /Tub
Edmonton(780) 469-2342

Forumalted for a wide variety of disinfection & sanitization applications including:  Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics, Food Processing Plants, Food Prep Areas, Transporation Related Equipement & other Public Contact Settings

Hospital Grade, Concentrated, Virucidal, Sanitizing, Disinfecting Solution. SteriWipes is an approved Ready-To-Use, concentrated, virucidial, food safe, multi- purpose, mildly alkaline detergent engineered to effectively treat a wide variety of surfaces requiring sanitizing, disinfecting or odour reduction. SteriKleen is a 6.5% solution with an active content: 0.357% Contains 160 disinfectant wipes.

Medical grade reinforced fabric 6"x6.5"/152.4x165.1mm

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