Ecological Hand Sanitizer - 1 Gallon
Model : HS-EL3.7L
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Listed on the Government of Canada’s website as an authorized hand sanitizer (Covid-19 – DIN 02498138 ), this new formula by Ecological, not only kills germs, but, leaves your hands feeling smooth and moisturized after each use. With just a small drop the gel can be applied and spread over one’s hands and used on-the-go. With its aloe conditioning components, this gel feels like your applying typical moisturizer cream, and does not leave your hands feeling dry and flaky, as alcohol-based solutions do. This new formula was developed in Canada, and uses the active ingredient Benzethonium Chloride, to safely and effectively disinfect, while hydrating one’s skin.

This product DOES NOT require a rinse after using.
Only a "pea-sized" amount is required to effectively sanitize one's hands, with an approximate 20 second dry time. Applying too much will result in difficulty drying and a sticky residue.

For external use only.

•Aloe added for skin hydration
•Developed in Canada
•Approved by Health Canada ( DIN 02498138 )
•Easy to use on-the-go
•New Benzethonium Chloride Formulation
•Leaves skin feeling healthy moisturized

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